The K-Pop scene is no stranger to fierce female groups, but XG (pronounced “Xtra Ordinary Girls”) is making waves with their unique blend of hip-hop, rap, and girl crush energy. Their latest single, “WOKE UP,” accompanied by a visually stunning and empowering music video, has solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with. Here's a breakdown of the key elements that make “WOKE UP” such a compelling anthem for a new generation.

A Fierce Awakening:

The music video opens with a bang. The members of XG – Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, Hinata, Maya, Juria, and Harvey – aren't here for shy introductions. Bold close-up shots showcase their fierce expressions and captivating visuals, setting the stage for a song brimming with confidence and self-assuredness. The booming bassline and pulsating beats instantly grab the viewer's attention, leaving no room for doubt: XG has arrived, and they're here to make a statement.

Hip-Hop Roots and Rap Supremacy:

“WOKE UP” is a full-fledged hip-hop anthem. Unlike many K-Pop groups that incorporate rap verses, XG leans heavily on this genre. Each member showcases their impressive rapping skills, delivering their lines with power and precision. Their flow is undeniable, effortlessly switching between fast-paced verses and smooth delivery, keeping the energy high throughout the song.

A Celebration of Individuality:

While the video presents a united front, it also highlights the individuality of each member. From Jurin's fierce rap delivery to Harvey's effortless flow and Chisa's captivating vocals, there's a distinct style and charisma that each member brings to the table. This focus on individual strengths creates a dynamic and well-rounded performance, showcasing the versatility of XG as a group.

Pushing Boundaries: Beyond the Idol Image:

“WOKE UP” is a significant departure from the traditional cutesy or innocent concepts often associated with K-Pop girl groups. The , delivered with raw confidence, speak of hard work, self-belief, and leaving the competition in the dust. The fierce visuals, featuring metallic accents and powerful dance moves, further emphasize this empowering message. XG isn't afraid to challenge expectations and redefine what it means to be a K-Pop idol.

A Global Appeal:

While firmly rooted in K-Pop aesthetics, “WOKE UP” transcends language barriers with its emphasis on confidence and self-expression. The use of English lyrics sprinkled throughout the song makes it accessible to a global audience, further amplifying XG's message and expanding their reach.

More Than Just a Song: A Conversation Starter:

“WOKE UP” has sparked conversation within the K-Pop community. Some praise XG for their innovative sound and fearless approach, while others might find their strong rap focus and departure from traditional idol concepts jarring. This debate, however, only adds to the buzz surrounding the group, solidifying their position as a group to watch.

“WOKE UP” is more than just a catchy song and a visually stunning music video; it's a declaration of intent. XG is a force to be reckoned with, and they're not afraid to push boundaries and challenge expectations. Their undeniable talent, fierce confidence, and unique blend of musical influences make them a refreshing addition to the K-Pop scene. With “WOKE UP,” XG has ignited a fire, and it will be exciting to see where their journey takes them next.

[Verse 1: Jurin, Harvey]
I've been here waiting lookin' at 'em
Tryna catch up take it how you wanna take it
Left the place in panic, left to take another planet
Left to make another statement
X-G, baby, say the names right
Spell it out so you can learn it
You can smell the tires when they turnin'
You can smell the fire when it's burnin'
You can tell we all made it work for us
Made it but we had to work for it
Work, work, work, so perfect
That it hurt, don't it? Surf on 'em
Right away, ride the wavе, ride away
‘Cause we had thе right of way
Bye-bye-bye, flying past then we fly away into outer-space

[Interlude: Chisa]
Drop top in a coupe outside
When I hop up out of this plane
Look at my fit right now
When I just walked outta my bed
Fix my hair, fix my make-up on the way
Bound to the next stop
Bound for the great
Make 'em bow down to the X, uh

[Verse 2: Maya]
A little more than ordinary honorary
Underestimated, leavin' all you broke
I'm the judge and jury, I don't wanna hear it
I'm the one they fearin', keep it on the low
This is automated, I'm the motivator
Told my haters, “Yo, more the merrier”
Y'all my entertainment fascinated
I'm just laughing 'cause it's so hilarious

[Verse 3: Cocona]
Little girl with a big mouth, uh
Small group with a big house, yeah
Big watch on the wrist now, uh
I just thought of that flow now, just now
Put a little more down for the buss down
Went on tour on a bus and tore the bus down
Everything custom now
Fans rushin' out, security had to push me out

[Verse 4: Jurin]
Forty-eight laws of power
Little girl with a big motor on a kid tho (Mmhmm)
Watch me rip tho
Watch me snap like motorola flip phone (Mmhmm)
I don't wanna hit you this hard on a intro
Bring that bounce like 6-4
Find me in Tokyo, rappin' in a skirt
Are you catchin' my drift tho?

[Refrain: Hinata]
Woke up lookin' like this
So don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this
Woke up lookin' like this
So don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this

[Verse 5: Juria, Juria & Hinata]
Light flex go easy (Wow)
Tag it up, graffiti
Drop a pin or addy
That's where I'll go (Go)
Rip the show and that's all I know
I'm super visioned
Y'all just built on superstitions
Watch me do
Everything, everywhere
All at once, all the time
All around the world

[Verse 6: Maya]
Woke up lookin' like this (Wow)
So don't get under my skin (Don't)
And that's the name of this ship (And that's it)
Den mother mother wolf
So don't make fun of my kids
We all fam and stand tall now
So don't talk down on my kin, hey

[Verse 7: Harvey]
Welcome to the party
Floatin' like it's Mardi Gras, yeah
You can call me HARVEY
But I'm not your barbie doll, yeah
Hardy-hardy huh, laughin' at 'em
While we blast away
Black on, black on, black
Outfits all packed away (Packed away)

[Verse 8: Cocona]
C to the O-C-O
That's me, Lord, have mercy
Young Queen but I act like an unnie
Young blood but I'm built like an OG (Yeah)
Gotta lift weight for the bags (Bags)
Lookin' real fit for the mags (Mess)
And I'm a wolf in a pack (Pack)
So I just woof and attack (Uh-huh)

[Outro: Hinata]
Woke up lookin' like this
So don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this
Woke up lookin' like this
So don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this

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