How Sweet – NewJeans (뉴진스) – A Blast from the Past with a Modern Twis


The highly anticipated debut of NewJeans (뉴진스), the latest girl group from ADOR, a sub-label under HYBE Labels, has finally arrived. Their debut single, “How Sweet,” accompanied by a charming and nostalgic music video, has sparked conversation among K-Pop fans and music lovers alike. “How Sweet” offers a unique blend of retro influences and modern production, creating a sound that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

A Love Letter to the 90s:

From the opening scene, the music video for “How Sweet” transports viewers back to a simpler time. Pastel colors, vintage clothing, and classic arcade games evoke a strong sense of 90s nostalgia. This visual aesthetic is further accentuated by the use of analog filters and a grainy film-like texture, adding a touch of authenticity to the retro vibe.

Catchy Melody with Modern Production:

While the visuals might be rooted in the past, the song itself boasts a modern and sophisticated sound. The upbeat tempo, catchy melody, and smooth vocals are reminiscent of classic pop hits, but with a contemporary twist. The use of electronic elements and a driving bassline ensures that “How Sweet” remains fresh and appealing to modern audiences.

A Celebration of Youthful Innocence:

The of “How Sweet” paint a picture of youthful friendship, simple pleasures, and the joy of discovery. Lines like “Every day is a new start, shining bright” and “Let's make unforgettable memories” capture the carefree spirit and optimism of youth. This relatable theme resonates with viewers, particularly younger audiences who might see themselves reflected in the song's message.

Introducing the Members of NewJeans:

The music video also serves as an introduction to the five talented members of NewJeans – Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. Each member showcases their individual personalities and talents throughout the video. From Minji's powerful vocals to Danielle's charismatic rap verses, the girls display a well-rounded skillset that promises exciting possibilities for their future endeavors.

More Than Nostalgia: A Look Towards the Future:

While the “How Sweet” music video is steeped in 90s nostalgia, it's not simply a throwback. The song's modern production and relatable message ensure that it appeals to a wider audience. This unique blend of retro influences and contemporary sound positions NewJeans as a group with a fresh perspective and a distinct identity.

A Conversation Starter: Originality vs. Inspiration?

The use of 90s aesthetics in “How Sweet” has sparked discussions within the K-Pop community. Some praise the video for its nostalgic charm and unique visual style, while others might find it derivative or lacking in originality. This debate, however, only adds to the buzz surrounding NewJeans, highlighting the potential for creative reinterpretation of past influences.

A Debut Filled with Promise:

“How Sweet” is a more than a catchy debut single; it's a confident statement of intent. NewJeans has arrived on the K-Pop scene with a unique sound, undeniable charisma, and a clear vision for their artistic identity. The blend of youthful innocence, nostalgic charm, and modern production creates a sound that is both familiar and excitingly fresh. With a talented group of members and a strong debut single, NewJeans is poised to become a major force in the K-Pop industry. As they continue to grow and explore their musical style, one thing is certain: NewJeans is a group to watch, and the future of K-Pop looks a little sweeter with them in the picture.

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