From Taunts to Thumbs Up: Brawl Stars’ “#ThumbsUpForBrawl” Campaign Tackles Toxicity with Rewards


The world of can be a breeding ground for negativity. “Brawl Stars,” the fast-paced multiplayer battle game from Supercell, is no exception. However, the developers are taking a creative and engaging approach to combat this issue with their “#ThumbsUpForBrawl” campaign, centered around the trending video “DELETE TOXICITY = 5 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS!”

The Problem of Toxicity in Online Gaming:

Toxicity, characterized by insults, harassment, and poor sportsmanship, is a persistent problem in online gaming. It can create a hostile environment, discourage new players, and detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. Brawl Stars, despite its lighthearted graphics, is not immune to this issue. Players often resort to thumbs-down emotes and negative comments when teammates make mistakes or lose a match.

A Creative Solution: Turning Negativity Positive

The “#ThumbsUpForBrawl” campaign aims to tackle this issue through a unique incentive system. The “DELETE TOXICITY = 5 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS!” video, released on various platforms including YouTube and TikTok, serves as the campaign's centerpiece.

The Power of the Thumbs Up:

The video features a simple message: replace negativity with positivity. It encourages players to use the thumbs-up emote to acknowledge good plays, even by the opposing team. The video highlights the potential rewards for such behavior – a chance to earn valuable in-game currency (Legendary Starr Drops) based on community-wide participation.

A Multi-Tiered Reward System:

The campaign features several milestones with escalating rewards. Reaching each milestone depends on the total number of thumbs-up emotes used by the entire Brawl Stars community. These milestones range from double daily rewards to the ultimate prize – a whopping 5 Legendary Starr Drops for every player.

Beyond the Rewards: Building a Positive Community

While the in-game rewards are certainly enticing, the “#ThumbsUpForBrawl” campaign aims to achieve a more significant goal – fostering a more positive and welcoming environment within the Brawl Stars community. By encouraging players to celebrate good plays and offer encouragement, the campaign seeks to shift the overall social dynamic within the game.

Challenges and Concerns:

The campaign is not without its challenges. Some players express skepticism about the effectiveness of in-game rewards in changing behavior. Others worry that the focus on thumbs-up emotes might create a sense of forced positivity.

A Positive Step in the Right Direction:

Despite these concerns, the “#ThumbsUpForBrawl” campaign is a positive step towards addressing online gaming toxicity. By creating a fun and engaging initiative, Brawl Stars is encouraging a more mindful and respectful way of interacting with fellow players. Whether the campaign achieves its ultimate goal of eliminating toxicity remains to be seen, but it certainly sparks a conversation about online sportsmanship and the power of positive reinforcement.

The Future of Online Gaming:

The “#ThumbsUpForBrawl” campaign is an innovative experiment in online gaming community management. If successful, it might serve as a model for other developers looking to create a more positive and inclusive gaming environment. Ultimately, the success of the campaign depends on the collective effort of the Brawl Stars community. By choosing kindness over negativity, players can create a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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